3 Things To Look For When Buying A New Home For A Child In A Wheelchair

Buying a new home is stressful and takes time, but even more so if you have a child that is disabled. There are many things to consider with both the interior and exterior. Below are three things you should look for so you can buy the perfect home for your child.

Room for Ramps

You will need to install ramps for your child to get into and out of the home. Because of this, make sure the yard is large enough to accommodate the ramp. You also may want to consider installing a ramp in the back of your home so your child can easily get into the backyard.  Take these measurements into consideration when determining if the yard is large enough.

Things Within Walking Distance

Because your child is in a wheelchair, it can be helpful to be able to push them in their wheelchair to local attractions. Look for parks in the neighborhood, as well as shopping areas. Look for nearby walking trails. If you have animals, look for local dog parks.

Consider the traffic level, as you need the road or sidewalk where you push the wheelchair to be safe. Also look at the road levels, as it may be difficult for you if you have to push the wheelchair up too many inclines.

Large Rooms and Wide Doorways

Having larger rooms in the home allows your child to get around much easier. For example, a larger kitchen will allow your child to be able to turn their wheelchair around on their own. Make sure you can widen the doorways.  You will not be able to do this if the doorway has ceiling support beams on each side, as these beams hold the weight of the roof. You can hire a building contractor to check this for you if you are not sure it will be safe to widen the doorways.

You will need to make changes to the bathroom to make it more usable for your child. If your child uses a shower seat, the shower needs to be large enough to accommodate the one that your child uses. There will need to be room to install grab bars in the bathroom next to the toilet, as well as other areas.  If the bathroom itself is not large enough, you will need to make it larger so make sure you will be able to do this.

Tell your real estate agent, such as at Keith Marshall Real Estate, what your needs are, and they can help you find the perfect house that will make things easy for your child.